Fresh Nepal

Organization Description: 

Fresh Nepal helps Orphans, street children and women - most of whom do not have any property, parents or relatives. Orphans, street children and women arrive at our institution with little or no eduction. Most of them cannot read or write. So we create a suitable environment in which they can learn, accomplish and fulfill their needs. We help the orphans, street children and destitute women to be aware of their origin. We educate them, provide for their needs and help make them responsible citizens of the nation. That’s our key dream.

647 228 8611
Organizational Email:
Gwarko -17, Bafal, Lalitpur
Lalitpur (near Kathmandu), G.O.P.BOX.:- 897
Mission Statement: 

As Our Missison we work in support of children in need, orphans, the destitute and abandoned, women who are victims of conflict and/or natural disasters such as fire or floods. Most children and women have lost their family, property, relatives. They have been neglected by society. The goal of FRESH NEPAL is to provide them with the oppertunity to grow up in a good environment through numerous projects and to be independent and responsible citizens of the nation.

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