Furman Foundation School

Organization Description: 

Furman Foundation School is a basic school at Afrancho, a suburb of kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. We ascribe to the view that the collaboration of teachers and volunteers of diverse backgrounds remains indispensable to the broadening of Kids' scope even as they interact with the world around them.

BOX KW 37, Kwadaso-Kumasi.
Kumasi, 233
Mission Statement: 

At Furman Foundation School (FFS), we wholeheartedly ascribe to the belief that education, of all other human devices, occupies a peculiar position as society's great equalizer of human conditions.

In this regard, we believe:

1. In the essentiality of creativity in opening new vistas of understanding and intellectual exploration.

2. In the value of self-directed learning and its role as far as the shaping of enthusiastic learners is concerned.

3. In encouraging the development of an adventurous intellectual spirit in a world that is primarily given to skyrocketing changes.

4. That there is something fundamentally disturbing about the idea that the educational horizons of pupils should be exclusively limited to the precincts of prescribed curricula.

5. In the need to majorly emphasize early childhood instruction vis-à-vis the reality that foundations determine everything and that which is learned young is learned for life.

6. In an educational process that places premium not just on academic, but moral and spiritual excellence.

Management is ever conscious of society's egregious failures with regards to the place of education in the shaping of values. That is why we unashamedly look at education from the perspective of Noah Webster, the acclaimed scholar and schoolmaster of the world. In his original 1828 dictionary, Noah Webster revealed the fundamental goals of education and stated that "education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to:

(i). Enlighten the understanding, (ii). Correct the temper, (iii). Form the manners and habits of youth and (iv). Fit them for usefulness in their future stations."

The conspicuous disappearance of goal ii and goal iii from modern educational instruction is deeply worrying. It starkly reflects the extent to which scholarship has lost its utter nobility and that all-inclusive habit-refining objective. This explains why at FFS, there is a literal emphasis on the aforementioned objectives. These goals are at the core of decisions arrived at in relation to the education of the young at Furman Foundation School. Volunteers are urgently needed to partner the school in its educational initiatives and activities.

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