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Dear supporter/ well wisher/ volunteer

Gathiga Children's Hope Home is a Non-Profit Organization in Kenya, dedicated to help street children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused or those forced out of their homes due to the inability of their families to cater for their basic needs. All these is done with a view that children need proper care, guidance and opportunity to take charge of their lives. Currently the home has 96 children. 29 in Secondary School, 25 in Primary School and the other 42 in Nursery School.

The Home was started by Lucy Njoki Ndegwa in 1996 in Gathiga village in Kenya. She was extremely disturbed at seeing so many young children on the streets of Nairobi eating from garbage cans and sleeping on the pavements without even a warm blanket to protect them from the elements. She begun visiting the children in the streets, talking and preaching to them. She showed them the love of God and the purpose of living. Some women joined her in backing the vision. She later invited the children to her home and after having a good time some decided to stay.... and that was the birth of Gathiga Children's Hope Home to-date. Six children were left on that day. As more and more children were dropped at her doorstep, she took this as a sign from God that forming a Children's Home was to be her work on Earth.

With no government assistance, the children‘s home is in a very poor condition. In its remote location, the orphanage is seemingly more "neglected" than orphanages in the larger towns. The organization currently depends solely on donations and volunteers assistance:
There is a desperate need for food and education. Regular feeding of the children is a major problem and not all children can go to school as we do not have enough money for school fees, uniforms, shoes and supplies, even though the children want to go.
Cost of medical care is also high. The children have gone through traumatic and physical abuse requiring specialized care.
There are many more children looking for admission into the orphanage, but due to lack of necessary finances we are not able to admit them.
We need to provide good, fair, and safe conditions to our workers who make a lot of sacrifices to give GCHH children a better home away from the streets. They work for very little or no salary, are overworked, under equipped and understaffed.
Our temporary dwelling has reached its maximum capacity as home to over 90 children and staff members! We hope to purchase land in a more secure area and build the children a more suitable facility with play area and large enough to accommodate them properly.

We are appealing to well wishers and friends to support our initiative by donating what they can afford in terms of prayers, money and material support such as text and exercise books, clothes, food stuff and beddings, mattresses, medicine, stationary, cleaning facilities, cooking utensils etc. .

We also need volunteers who are motivated to improve the lives of needy children. With our project Tuwape-Tumaini-Volunteers we look for volunteers who share our belief that every child deserves a home, love, proper care, guidance and the opportunity to develop positive values and become a responsible citizen in her/his community. Please volunteer with Tuwape-Tumaini-Volunteers and make a difference in a children‘s home where your help is really needed.

Please visit our websites or for further information.

We hope to hear positive response and God bless you.

Yours faithfully
Gathiga Children‘s Hope Home

Gathiga Children's Hope Home
P. O. Box 262, Wangige - Kenya



+00254 722 75 0135

00254 722 75 0135
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P. O. Box 262
Wangige, P. O. Box 262
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