Generation Actz Student Ministries

Organization Description: 

Generation Actz is a performing arts based youth ministry designed to reach out to students ages 12 through high school, particularly those who struggle with problems like depression, low self-esteem and difficulty ‘fitting in’ to a typical church youth group’s culture. Some of the core values of Generation Actz are unconditional love, mutual respect for everybody regardless of their appearance or where they are with God, and authentic friendship with Jesus and each other. Students are encouraged to develop their performing arts talents along with a relationship with Jesus and a solid knowledge of the Bible, so that they may be equipped to pursue God’s purpose for their lives and talents.

1678 Huxley Dr
Columbus, OH 43227
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to revitalize ColumbusÂ’ Christian community with talented youth, by equipping them as disciples and sending them out into the local churches as educated, authentic believers who are ready to serve, and to present the love of Christ to youth who are artistic, alienated and/or misunderstood, who may have an interest in performing arts, particularly those who are involved in subcultures or are in bands.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in the triune God of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. We believe in His inerrant and everlasting Word as the only divinely inspired truth, and teach it without apology.

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