Generation Youth Uganda

Organization Description: 

Generation Youth Uganda ( GYU), We are deeply concerned about the rampant school dropouts, child abuse, child neglect, drug abuse, increasing number of HIV/AIDS Patients and general unemployment among the youth in our communities. This community based Organization is basically formed to equip relevant skills, spoortive, sounding morals, promoting different talents in uganda youths and children and also to provide a better education.

Our headquaters offices are located in Mukono Central division, Mukono Municipality in Mukono District.


To equip revevant skills,promote sounding morals and to raise up a God fearing generation among youths and children in Uganda.


To provide better education thruoth providing educational facilities, developmental skills,promoting talents, caring and supoort widows,children and youth as spreading the gospel to communities of Uganda.


"Help me! To help others"

Through our contacts we have created a network that supports the our cause and allows us to generate new ideas on how to continue our mission providing our services to humanity and the world.

You can also make your contribution. We have an excellent volunteer program that moves a line of action with the greatest impact on our organization. Ask Us!

We invite you to learn more about our services and activities here on our website. not hesitate to contact us to provide more information.

We are happy to support you and your support.

Back Ground

This organization was founded in 2009 by Mawejje Joseph. And it started by few members, But now the number is increasing because of it popularity and the aims and objectives which have attracted many youths and children. It's total number now is 25 youths and 5 children. We hope to register more when we get support, and Sponsorship projects etc.

This organization is a Christian charity based organization with a combination of both youths and children with their interests in different talents e.g. Music, Writers, song composers and Dances in different ways both traditionally and western styles among others.


1. To create absolute bond between the youths and children.

2. To make youths / children tobe involved in leadership e.g. in schools, Churches, and many other places.

3. To lay a foundation of popularity in God¢€™s kingdom and on the earth.

4. To let at least all children and youths in Uganda gets better Education and again skills.

5. To train youths and children to start up small business from our projects.

6. To create a bridge for them by promoting their talents.

7. To lay a fundamental relationship among the youths and children.

8. To create jobs for the youths.

9. To eradicate poverty through uplifting social, economic positions of the people for good.

10. Developing a spirit of love and helping one another.

11. To initiate community based projects that can generate income to the members.

12. To set up orphanage homes, School, clinics and technical institutes for our members and other needy.

13. To help widows through care and support.

14. To help children with HIV/AIDS by giving them medical care, support and counseling them.

15. The organization shall invite spiritual and many other leaders e.g. Pastors, teachers, and many other skilled people from various departments for further Education e.g. In computer skills and science/spiritual growth/physical support /Agriculture businesses and Management skills etc.

P.O BOX 116 Mukono Uganda
Kampala, 256
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