Global English School

Organization Description: 

Global English School (GES) was established in 1997 to provide quality, affordable, English and Thai education in a Christian environment. The success of GES lies in that it is one of Thailand's only true bilingual schools. Our staff consists of both native Thai speakers and native English speakers. 80% of the courses are taught in English and 30% of the courses are taught in Thai. This progressive model is proving to meet the needs of parents who want their children to become fluent English speakers but not at the expense of their Thai culture and language. GES has over 300 students from Kindergarten to Grade 11. 95% of the students are from Buddhist family. Global English School is currently looking for individuals who love the Lord and have a desire to make Him Known. Full time teachers are needed in Nonthaburi, Thailand from June 2008 through March 2009. Teachers at GES have the great opportunity to make a difference by building relationships with students and families from the platform of education.

Organizational Email:
24/29-32 Pracharat Rd. Moo 6
Nonthaburi, 11000
Mission Statement: 

Global English School is dedicated to providing a nurturing yet challenging learning environment which is
child-centered, well balanced, and aims to develop the
whole child to the fullness of his or her ability. We
recognize that learning is an unbroken activity that
continues throughout life. With this in mind, we aim to
develop in each child the ability to think independently,
to explore, and to experiment throughout life, with
attitudes, knowledge, and skills that encourage excellence.

In addition to academic excellence, we also aim to provide spiritual guidance and Biblical teaching to prepare our students to deal with the complex questions of life, and physical training to give them strength and balance. We intentionally provide students with a structured, disciplined, and creative environment, and believe that we must work closely with parents and students alike to celebrate and aid each student's search for identity, belonging, and purpose. We aim to develop students who will be influential in present and future generations.

We also believe that each child was created as a unique being with specific abilities as well as academic and spiritual potential. At Global English School we nurture these gifts as well as develop the appropriate knowledge, skills, and awareness to prepare our students for successful international experiences in the future. We help prepare our students for a rewarding and successful lifetime of learning by developing their independent and collaborative skills. As responsible members of their home community we encourage our children to have a right attitude toward authority, toward others, and toward self. And as a member of an international community, we teach our students to understand and appreciate cultural, social, aesthetic, scientific, economic, and political ideas.

GES accepts students who are willing to abide by our principles and objectives without regard to religion, race, colour, gender, or national origin. In order to work towards such a sweeping mission, Global English School draws on the unique context of Thailand's culture and history, the wisdom of Christianity, the diversity of the international community, and a quality curriculum with quality teachers. We also integrate information technology across the curriculum and provide diverse learning experiences and a professional development program for our staff, to ensure a continuous improvement in the learning experience of students.

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