Global Sports Alliance USA

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GSA USA is a non-profit organization, and a community of people who love sports and outdoor activities. As an athlete or sports fan, you already know that at the core of sportsmanship is the notion of fair play. We aim to expand the definition of sportsmanship to include fair play in the environment. It means to enrich nature, save energy, reduce material consumption and all other aspects of rebuilding a healthy world.

In cities around the globe, ecoplayers organize into teams, which are the engine of our activities. Under the guidance of a lead volunteer, they work with local sports facilities, events, clubs, other non-profits and schools on projects and to promote environmental education and action.

GSA USA also unites youth through our Champions for Change education program. Our recently published book of the same title includes world renowned athletes and explains the science behind our changing environment through inspiring stories of athletes on the forefront of this issue. Our education program is meant to encourage youth to become Champions for Change in their own community.

People from all over the world connect and relate through sports and outdoor recreation. In sports there is only the passion and enthusiasm for the game. No matter the language, age, ability, or cultural background, sports bring people together. GSA USA brings awareness to this audience the need for clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet.

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