Go Volunteer Victorious Uganda

Organization Description: 

Teaching, Child Care: Help facilitate and organize activities, Household Projects: Helping with cleaning, cooking and gardening. Helping in Administration work and Management: Prepare Budgets and project proposals, help writing grant letters, setting up and maintaining personal files for the children.

Community work: Help with planning up-coming building projects including our future primary school and child development center. We are also in connection with the local Health Center. If you are interested in volunteering as a health care provider please inquire about this unique community outreach opportunity.

P.o Box 6008 kampala Uganda
kampala, 256
Mission Statement: 

Ou Mission: is to work with volunteers in our project with a particular focus on vulnerable children. We do this by supporting the work we do in our community to help the poor children to have a better life through the placement of international volunteers.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Through Jesus we are winners

Reg. No. WCBO/310/11
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