Godfrey Isaba

Organization Description: 

Our organisation is World Christian Outreach Ministries of kenya.We are based in western Kenya and have churches i Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Our organization is registered with the government of Kenya.

254 711628916
Organizational Email: 
Box 79, Ang'urai
Bungoma, 50200
Mission Statement: 



To proclaim the message of Jesus christ to the spiritually lost in allthe world thro' every available means.I believe in anyculture the truth illuminates darkness and sets free the captivesfree.Armed with the word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit,we must
use every technology and every vehicle to ensure that everygeneration-young men and women,old men and children however old they might behears the gospel.Timothy2:9 "the word of God is not bound".

2)Planting churches.

We want to establish churches in every province of
Kenya and also internationally following the New Testament pattern.At the moment we have 8 churches in Kenya and 4 churches in Uganda

3) Training.

This, we have been doing although we do not have a Bible
School but we've started Bible classes and believe that as
God will provide the
funds.We want to begin a Bible school to
train and equip leaders before sending them out to
evangelise and plant
churches locally and internationally(especially in
Africa) to proclaim
the message of Christ to their own people and other

4) Touching.

We feel as God enables us, we want to touch the poor,the blind,the deaf
and suffering with the compassion of Jesus Christ and inviting them to
become His followers.We feel and is our prayer that we build an
orphanage for the orphans,a school for the blind and street children
rehabilitation centre.At the moment,we're supporting and helping the needy
especially the orphans and the blind with basic things;food,clothes and
pray that as the Lord will enable us,we can build an orphanage.(We do all
things occassionally and pray that we will be able to do so more
often).Our resources are limited.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

-We believe in the Virgin birth,death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.
-We believe in the Holy trinity.
-We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and water baptism by Immersion.

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