God's Love and Care Ministry

Organization Description: 

God's Love and Care Ministry as a Faith Based Ministry was established in 2005 by Mzimba Baptist Church led by Pastor Samson Zimba following the Scriptures found in Deut. 14:28 - 29; 15:11 and Acts 6: 1 - 7. We are mainly aim at planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring all the church programs that relate to the care of members including the orphans, widows, disabled, sick and prisoners. The Ministry provides soap, food, clothes and school fees.

This Ministry even though was started by the Baptist Church members, it does its care and help to even Non-Baptist members because it is not for the Church.

Organizational Email: 
Mzimba Township
Mzuzu, 000
Mission Statement: 

God's Love and Care Ministry is a Faith based Organisation established to
-Proclaim the word of God of hope and salvation to the world.
-bring hope to the sick, orphans, prisoners, widows, aged people and the disabled.
-reduce the problem of the sick, orphans, prisoners, widows, aged people and the disabled by meeting their spiritual and physical needs.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The organisation has a goal of reducing poverty and orphanage in the community and country as a whole by counseling and providing everyday needs to those who are not able to find them on their own.

The main reason of supporting these groups spiritually and physically is to make them not enter into Satan Temptations because of their sick, orphanage, widowed or any lack of support they find. But we do all of these so that they secure their eternal life in the end.

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