GoEco - Tshega Mission Orphanage

Organization Description: 

This project is run by the Tshega Mission established in 2004 in view of supporting vulnerable individuals, families and their communities. Most of the activities will take place at the Tshega premises, the primary school or in the villages. You will reach the children through education by providing them with a normal environment and supporting them in all basic needs.

Tshega Mission Orphanage Volunteering
Limpopo Province, South Africa
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

The following aspects are concerned as important to Tshega: 1. To transfer knowledge about farming so that the people can become independent 2. To provide existing Christian groups with leaders to assist 3. To address the emotional and social problems and to assist in death and trauma. Also in Christian counseling 4. To teach the existing groups to become more active in their areas 5. To establish a self sustaining orphanage for the AIDS infected children 6. To establish a clinic for medical services 7. To teach leaders to be more aware of the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Tshega ‚’s main vision is to serve the ‚"Body of Christ ‚" in the six basic needs of:

Social and
Educational development

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