GoEco - Umm El- Fahem Contemporary Art Museum

Organization Description: 

Umm El-Fahem is located in Israel's Haifa District in the northern part of the country. The city sits on the Umm El-Fahem mountain range and is the social, cultural and economic center for residents of the Wadi Ara and Triangle regions.The Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery was founded in 1996, on the initiative of local residents and artists who wanted to bring quality contemporary art to the city and its population and to exhibit original Arab and Palestinian art. With a lack of other art galleries in the Arab sector in Israel, the gallery has become an important social and cultural meeting place. Contemporary art exhibits, symposiums, creative workshops and seminars have drawn large audiences and have established the gallery as an important center in the local and international culture scene

P.O.Box 174
Umm el-Fahem, 30010
Mission Statement: 

To present contemporary and high quality art. To develop and enhance the awareness of art in all age groups. To serve as a cultural and artistic center for artists of the Wadi Ara region as well as for other Arab and Jewish artists in Israel. To encourage cultural dialogue between Arab and Jewish artists on a variety of themes, including ones related to critical current affairs. To create a multicultural dialogue between artists from Israel and Abroad.

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