Good Shepherd Coalition

Organization Description: 

The Good Shepherd Coalition is a group of churches that have formed partnerships with community-based organizations and agencies to assist people in need in Central Macomb County. The Good Shepherd Coalition in cooperation with local churches and agencies will assist people, when the social services agencies are unable to provide help, so that they (the people) may achieve great self-sufficiency through Christian love and compassion, demonstrated through our faith in action with the provision of food, shelter, clothing, medical, and other basic needs, in order to bring transformation of lives through the power of God.

Without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, marital status, or sexual preference, and as an equal opportunity employer, the Good Shepherd Coalition is established to serve the citizens residing within the general geographic boundaries of Central Macomb County. Services may be for the following purposes:

1. to provide for emergencies such as clothing, food, transportation, and financial assistance.
2. to alert the community to specific social problems, and the means for dealing with those problems.
3. to provide access to professional counseling services.
4. to provide social service information and assistance.
5. to coordinate community concerns, available resources, programs, and projects for those in need.
6. to perform other appropriate tasks as community needs arise; and to identify and locate individuals with needs.

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