Gould Farm

Organization Description: 

Gould Farm is a private, nonprofit, psychosocial therapeutic program for adults with mental illness. The Farm seeks to provide a family-like community within which all members can find respite and draw strength while receiving the necessary psycho-social rehabilitative support. Founded in 1913, Gould Farm is a 650-acre working farm with dairy and extensive gardens.

All volunteers, most staff, and their families live on the grounds, providing a uniquely supportive environment for personal and social growth. Gould Farm provides professional services, informal counseling and problem solving, vocational training and recreational activities. As clients get ready for more independence, we offer a program in the Boston area as the next step in rehabilitation. Our goal is to give every individual the opportunity to gain the confidence, social skills, and job readiness required to build more meaningful lives for themselves.

Organizational Email: 
100 Gould Rd.
Monterey, MA 01245
Mission Statement: 

Our services are rooted in the simple belief that every person has something to contribute despite mental or emotional limitations. Gould Farm's mission is to help the people who come here find the inner strengths and outer resources needed to meet challenges and accomplish goals in their daily lives.

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