Grace for Africa child care

Organization Description: 

_We provide for spiritual welfare for all through evangelism.

_We establish and run interventions for the disadvantaged and vulnerable children including orphanages and schools.

_Identify sponsors for the needy children.

_To net work with other ministries,NGOs, CBOs,in the promotion of projects supported by the aims and the objectives of the constitution.

_Do any activity that shall be seen to be supporting the aims and objectives of this association.
Volunteers in doing this God's work establish the kingdom of God and also obey God's voice towards helping the needy,they also have a big reward from our Lord.

Wanyange,lake victoria side
Jinja, 2040 Jinja,Ugand
Mission Statement: 

To use all the available interventions including running of orphanages,schools ,community centers,sponsor children for Education from Nursery tom primary seven ,from primary seven to senior four,then to senior six followed by the higher institutions of learning,clothing,feeding,medical attention also are to be identified.
This is through God's people with hands and large hearts for the children.
Impact life skills into the children for self reliance,through Vocational institutes and Higher institutions of learning.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in the Father,the Son,and the Holy spirit,and baptism of the fire and the Holy Ghost.
We deal with all of those that match with us.

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