Grace For Africa Child Care

Organization Description: 

Grace For Africa Child Care is found in Uganda and is registered as a CBO, We care for the orphans and the needy children in the community,
we provide medical care to these children,put them in safe homes(orphanages),take them to schools,give spiritual guidance and counseling,we involve the children in income generating activities,among others.
Right now we have begun a school where teaching them in classes is now done.(we have babies to upper primary kids.)
We also dig in order to get them some food and also under take small businesses to sustain the organization.
Washing clothes,cooking food,and cleaning them up are also among the activities we do for the children in the home care.

Jinja Uganda East Africa
jinja, 2040, Jinja
Mission Statement: 

To run all available interventions including orphanages, schools and health centers,among others.This is done with the aim of helping the orphaned and the needy children in the community.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in the father,the son ,and the Holy spirit.
We are born again Christians,but we accept to work with any person so longer as he or she is a christian of any category.We also do not discriminate in race,culture and or religion.

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