Grace Assembly

Organization Description: 

Grace Assembly is a multinational church and ministry where many have experienced transformation and changes to their lives, leading to expression of gratitude in worship, strong committment to Christ as Lord, and willingness to serve their families, community and the nation of the world.

We value passionate desire for God and accurate knowledge of God - to know and think right about God in the right light and in harmony with His qualities. This helps to develop strong faith as well as intimate relationship with God.

We place value on the Lordship of Christ and on following Jesus Christ.

We seek to form links with individuals and other groups, and we work to affect our communities for Christ as well as preserve their integrity.

We recognise that prayer accompanied with fasting is essential to living the Christian life and fulfilling God's purpose. We pray earnestly and fast regularly.

We recognise that we have to be focussed on the purpose that God has established for His church. We value single mindedness about our purpose and we prioritise the use of our resources according to God's purpose.

We recognise that the body of Christ is one and recognise our role in preserving and promoting that unity.

P O Box 2673
London, CR7 8US
Mission Statement: 

Grace Assembly exists to magnify the name of Jesus and to bring people into relationship with Him, establish them as members of His church, disciple them into Christ-like maturity, equip them for ministry, send and support them in ministry to their family, in the church, their community, and in nations across the world.

Grace Assembly is committed to sound biblical, Christ centred preaching and teaching, relevant to our living today.

We are passionate about prayers and are actively engaged in personal evangelism, local outreach, life development, missions and church planting.

The experience and testimony of those that attend Grace Assembly is healing and transformation of their lives and families.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

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