Graces Evangelical Mission(GEM)

Organization Description: 

Our GEM mission is totally dedicated for the glory God and for the extension of His kingdom through preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples to all nations, reaching to all mankind, planting a house church, cell church, training missionaries and sending them as messengers of Jesus ,our main activities includes preaching, teaching, discipling, mobilizing, fellowship ,prayer, fastings, healings, fully exercise the power of God to deliver the helpless mankind from the hand of Satan and its false priesthood clutch.
We are also conducting Bible seminar, Bible camp, revival camp ,conference, convention, youth camp ,crusades and related spiritual awakening and counseling in strengthening family, individual for the growth of their faith specially people living in dilemma ,frustration ,burdens , hopeless and related sufferings people .

Organizational Email:
Post Box No.1
Uttarkashi, 249141
Mission Statement: 

1. Our mission is an evangelical mission with uncompromised faith, totally committed to the word of God and for his missions cause.
2 .Our Mission is a being missions, by being with unreached people groups, and by living among the unreached people and inviting people to come to the kingdom of God.
3. Our mission is a self supports mission, we do this because of the needs of the missions to save the perishing people from eternal damnation.
4. Our missions is leading totally under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Committed for the cause of His unfinished mission task, our mission will continue to work as a movement for his lost sheep.
5. Our missions is purely build on the love of God, building the body of Christ through fellowship, prayer and fasting in bearing one another burdens.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Our Graces society has its trio missions tasks rendering service in one aim with three different dimension, the societies has been registered to the government under society registration Act.21, 1860 ,since 2003, Our sole intention is bring people to God through various capacity reaching all mankind with the word of God, preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, saving and pulling the perishing people in response to the Great Commission Matt 28: 18-20, our trio missions as GRACES, GEM and GCA ,are together working for human society, physically, spiritually and mentally. Our trio missions ways of doing is a peculiar types; it is not a doing mission but being mission. We are working for unreached people by being with them, seeing their sufferings and touch them with the power of God to deliver them from the bondage of sufferings.

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