Grassroots Empowerment Network

Organization Description: 

2) The purpose of the organization is to Grassroots Empowerment Network (GEN) is a private non-profit, non-governmental organisation which coordinates the activities of local community based NGOs, youth groups, community based organisations (CBOs), co-operatives, community based enterprises (CBEs), women and other vulnerable groups and individuals in Nigeria, particularly Akwa Ibom State that aims to contribute to increasing the income of poor men and women in rural areas. It does this by facilitating changes in services, inputs and product markets, which in turn increases the competitiveness of farmers and small enterprises. This is done with the primary purpose of empowering the grassroots to act on their own behalf, fill the gap in the achievement of gender and class equity and equality, reduce rural poverty, social exclusion and environmental injustice. GEN has identified smallholder farmers, vulnerable households and HIV/AIDS infected and affected as its key target groups while cooperative societies, women, youth interest groups and young farmers clubs are our main focus for expanding activity over the next few years. GEN currently works with six cooperative societies with a total membership of 2000 smallholder farmers, several women and youth interest groups in Akwa Ibom State by providing them with training and advice on the technical matter of agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, soil fertility and cooperative development, access to micro-finance, HIV/AIDS prevention and control as well as agricultural input sourcing to enable farmers adopt recommended improved practices; establish strong linkages between research and extension, improved quality standards, and post-harvest best practices; substantially improve food security and productivity at the household and community level, in order to in turn increase income generation, family health and roll-back malnutrition.

Empowerment House
Ikot Ekpene, Akwa ibom State, 530001
Mission Statement: 

GEN (Grassroots Empowerment Network) has a mandate to bring together like minded NGOs working on issues of human rights, especially women and children, conflict resolution, gender, democracy and good governance environmental sustainability, health (reproductive, mental and HIV/AIDS prevention and care for victims), poverty reduction, and sustainable development generally in the region, to develop their capacity for service delivery and to promote cooperation, compliance monitoring and evaluation and networking between civil society, international organizations and governments at the local, national and international levels.

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