Greater Boston Chinese Community Services

Organization Description: 

Greater Boston Chinese Community Services’ mission is to educate, inform, inspire, and empower people, especially new Chinese immigrants in the Greater Boston area, to establish their life in the United States, and to accept and embrace their new responsibilities as citizens. We are committed to establishing new and better approaches to language acquisition and identity formation, the achievement of the excellence and development of civic virtue for new immigrants.

This is because we have observed that one of the greatest difficulties that Chinese youth and new immigrants face is the language barrier and cultural differences. Adults need to learn English for their jobs, new living environments, and involvement in a new community. Likewise, youth need support in order to achieve academic success, but that success cannot be met through academic assistance alone. Interconnected with the academic and social needs of our youth is a need for emotional support and development. Such need is especially great for new immigrants who are experiencing culture shock and are looking for ways to be accepted by their new society. Thus, what is already one of the most vulnerable times in a person’s life is made more challenging by life in a new culture.

Quincy has a rapidly growing population, especially one with a large amount of new immigrants, it has many needs. Therefore, we have chosen to provide a variety of services to the youth in Quincy, especially those in the Chinese community. While GBCCS has its roots in Episcopal Chinese Ministries, we serve everyone, regardless of faith; any faith-based components of programs are optional.

In the past years, GBCCS has been gradually expanding its social, educational programs and activities to serve Chinese youth and parents in the community regardless of faith. These programs and services are not restricted to the Chinese community. We seek to broaden public awareness and to promote action to address the special concerns of this community. We have provided leadership training to youth; promoted voter registration; organized citizenship classes; and worked to raise consciousness regarding community issues such as racism, parenting, health and environmental protection. We will continue to undertake our mission by building more relationships with other organizations. Today, GBCCS has firmly established itself as a respected social services organization, and we are constantly looking for ways to serve the community.

Our goals are:

  • To foster the development of Asian-American youth into strong and confident community leaders, while encouraging them to embrace their heritage and become more culturally sensitive.
  • To promote educational excellence.
  • To provide mentoring relationships between those in elementary, middle, or high school and college students.
  • To promote knowledge and education about the Asian-American culture within the Asian-American community.
  • To promote knowledge and education about issues affecting the Asian-American community within the Asian-American community.
  • To strive for unity amongst all Asian-American communities through increased interactions between Asian-American children, adolescents and adults.
  • To promote a climate of acceptance of all persons without regard to race, ethnicity, country of origin, or socio-economic condition.


1 Linden Street
Wollaston, MA 02170
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