Green Hope Organisation

Organization Description: 

Green Hope is a registered Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organisation working to promote sound socio-economic development for marginalised and underprivileged youth, women and children in Tanzania. Dedicated and well motivated Tanzanians from varying professional backgrounds, cultural diversity, religious ethics as well as economic status found the organisation way back in 2001, most of them comes from low income/poverty stricken families, these people shares different but one experiences in common i.e. the agony & disgrace of poverty, poor health infrastructures, gender inequality as well as success through hard work, consistency, linkages and determination.

Green Hope is an equal opportunity and has neither religious nor political affiliations in rendering its services. Green Hope works with both local and international like minded allies in achieving its aims, objectives and goals in Tanzania. The organisation is registered under The Ministry of Home Affairs Vide Reg. Number S.O 11027.

We focus on:

1. Improvement of Health Care Infrastructures for underprivileged disadvantaged and youth women and children for the Regions of Arusha and Mwanza in Tanzania, this is done through establishment of affordable and user friendly Health Care Centers in remote areas.

2. Promotion of Income security for Youth and Women in Tanzania.

3. Community Based Institutional capacity for organisations working in the areas of MVC Care & Support, Income Security for marginalised and underprivileged youth, women and children so as to improve their capacity to deliver.

4. Improvement of Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health through Behavioural Change and Communication (BCC) for youth as well as prevention of HIV/AIDS.

5. Volunteers Placement to various local community based projects for knowledge, skills and experience sharing, management, fundraising, networking, linkages and so much more..

Our strategic partners includes Plan International (Tanzania), SaskTel International (Canada), University of Saskatchewan, Reginal Qu'Appelle Health Region under ''We See You'' Project ( NTEAP (Tanzania) World Computer Exchange (USA), Tanzania Drug Commission (Tanzania) just to mention a few.
So far Green Hope have managed to achieve the following:

1. Run Youth Resource Centers in Arusha and Mwanza regions.
2. Provide capacity building trainings to Community Based Civil Society Organisations in the areas of:
- HIV/AIDS prevention, Behavioral Change and Communication for Youth.
- MVC / PLWHA Care and Support.
- Income security for vulnerable and underprivileged youth and women.
- Community based Environmental Conservation&Management.

3. In partnership with SaskTel (Canada) organize, transport & disseminate materials in terms of education, sports, craft, clothing, bedding, medical as well as hygiene to more than 3,500 Most Vulnerable Children in Arusha, Arumeru districts of Northern Tanzania.

4. In partnership with NTEAP (Tanzania) provide environmental conservation trainings to school and out of school youth in Mwanza.

5. In partnership with NTEAP (Tanzania) construct rain harvest technologies in primary schools in Mwanza to ensure availability of clean and safe water to Most Vulnerable Children in Mwanza.

6. In partnership with Plan International (Tanzania) conduct anti-malaria campaigns in Geita and Ilemera districts of Mwanza.

7. In partnership with SaskTel International (Canada), University of Saskatchewan, Reginal Qu'Appelle Health Region under 'We See You" Project distribute Medical equipment and supplies to Regional as well as District Hospitals and Health Centers this includes Mt Meru Regional Hospital (a referral center for more than 2 Million people in Arusha Region), Ngarenaro Health Center (a maternity ward for The Arusha Municipal, a clinic with more than 20 deliveries a day) donations includes Retractable Hospital Beds, Resuscitation Machines, Cardiac monitors, Cribs e.t.c, e.t.c

8. Coordinate Volunteers Placement for more 300 volunteers to 40 Community Based Oganisations (CBOs) in Arusha and Mwanza regions.

P.O. Box 16115
Arusha, +255
Mission Statement: 

Provide training, linkages and other necessary community based interventions focusing on addressing critical issues of malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, diseases and illiteracy for most underprivileged and disadvantaged, youth, women and vulnerable children in Tanzania.

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