Habitat para la Humanidad Argentina

Organization Description: 

Whilst working under a Memorandum of Understanding with Habitat for Humanity, we are an Argentine Association financed by donations we secure with our resource development team. As such we are a growing local organization, with a small team of proffessional paid staff, and a growing team of volunteers both in our offices and out in the communities where we work.

Esmeralda 3430
Vicente Lopez, 1604
Mission Statement: 

Habitat for Humanity Argentina is a non ecumenical Christian organization seeking to work with low income families to achieve adequate housing solutions Our work is heavily focussed on education, empowerment and capacity building to support the social production of housing.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We seek to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ to serve those in need of adequate housing. We invite all communities of faith to join us in putting their faith in action, setting aside our differences and focussing on our love for our neighbours.

We seek to build hope (as well as houses) and to bring about true transformation of lives.

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