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Organization Description: 

Hands on Africa was founded in 1997 and registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of Illinois in 2006. We are governed by a Board of Directors of nine. See attached 501(c)(3) IRS Department of Treasury Determination Letter. Hands on Africa feeds, clothes, educates and meets the medical needs of the 169 orphans in our care in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Sierra Leone. The Widow Care Centers in Kenya and Sierra Leone are home to 34 abandoned widows where they are helped to restore their dignity and self-worth through daily Bible studies and skills training programs in order to help them sustain their own imcome. The Reusse Troyer Health Center in Kenya provides free health care, medicine, lab tests and maternity care to 50-60 patients daily. Since opening in October 2008 more than 350 babies were born in this ward. In spite of many births with complications, the mortality rate is 0% compared to the 15.4% average in Africa. Over 3700 patients have been examined and more than 3000 pairs of eyeglasses have been issued and fitted at the eye clinics for free. All these eye clinic patients are presented with the Gospel on a one-to-one basis and more than 1000 have made a first time commitment to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Because we strongly believe in responsible evangelization, information on patients who have prayed to accept Christ is passed on to Bible School students for follow-up and discipleship. In March 2010 Hands on Africa introduced Little League Baseball to 3500 children in 8 different schools in Kenya. This ministry has opened an opportunity to reach many children with the Gospel and sexual education in increasing moral values therefore decreasing infection of AIDS. We have also joined hands with Project Patricia through this program and distribute re-usable sanitary pad kits to school girls. Hands on Africa currently has 6 Seminaries in partnership with Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary which offers an opportunity for a 5 year Bachelors Degree to untrained pastors in Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Zambia, South Africa and Uganda. We currently have 700 pastors in training. To date we have 260 graduates for the Bachelors Degree in Theology and 6 Masters graduates. Some of these Masters graduates are now being employed as lecturers at our Seminaries. Studies are 80% sponsored and we are currently providing students with tablets on which their text books are downloaded in conjunction with the Church of the Nazarene Seminaries. More than 300 churches have been planted through this ministry. Hands on Africa takes volunteer teams into Africa to minister and spread the Gospel through open air evangelism, womens conferences, schools, hospital visitation and prison ministries. Over 20 000 Bibles have been distributed in schools, eye clinics and at open air rallies to new converts. We also make use of the Broad and Narrow map for evangelism and have distributed 1700 copies in Africa. To date Hands on Africa has done 17 water wells, an underground storage tank and 14 water tanks with gutters providing clean water to the people of Malawi, Kenya, Zambia and Sierra Leone. Hands on Africa has started a ministry in New Mexico in 2013 reaching out to the Navajo Native Indian people in conjunction with Western Indian Ministries. We have a full-time missionary from South Africa assigned to this project.

137 Ambassador Ave
Romeoville, IL 60446
Mission Statement: 

His last command is our first concern.

Hands on Africa fulfills this vision by living Christ to those in need by:

Providing in the basic needs of orphans and widows.

Providing free health care and water supply

Providing pastors an opportunity for education

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Evangelical Christian

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