Hands Of God Ministries

Organization Description: 

We are described in two words, Fellowship and Outreach.

Our Fellowship:

We serve as a fellowship connection for both volunteers and members. People from all walks of life and every level of need can make connections to assist others as well as receive the assistance needed. This works through networking, equipping, and support. We are the pot that is filled for serving; from it we serve each other. By exchanging ideas, skills, and funds; strength is provided for charities, programs and missions. We create a ministry resource made up from resourceful ministries.

Our Outreach:

Jesus came to announce the message of good news to the poor; to reach those lost and suffering. Our ministry has this ideal as its priority. The members and volunteers have made it their business to serve those in need. This creates a need for the ministries as well. We reach out to each other to provide assistance, training and, encouragement. In doing this better service and assistance can be dispensed to the communities in need.

863 E. 64th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
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