Hands of Honour

Organization Description: 

We are a registered non-profit organisation working with the homeless/drug addicts/gangsters who due to attitudes of hopelessness and despair suffer severely under the strain of the social ills associated with marginalised communities.We work from a sub-economic home which serves as a sanctuary for those ,who as new converts or otherwise,wish to embark on the road to the full restoration of their honour an dignity.There they recieve a temporary place to live,a warm meal,christian fellowship and teaching as well as love and all the necessary support needed for victorious christian living

17 Sonata street
Cape Town, 8000
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

To improve the living conditions of those adversely affected by historical injustices and the present economic downturn with its prevailing social evils.We aim to engage with organisations to combat life threatening conditions including HIV.AIDS,TUBERCOLOSIS and SOCIAL ILLS such as UNEMPLOYMENT,CRIME,HOMELESSNESS,SUBSTANCE ABUSE,GANGSTERISM and VIOLENCE in all its forms

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are steadfast in our belief in the saving and transforming power of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.We believe that He is the Way,the Truth and the Life and that there is no other name in heaven and earth whereby a man can be saved

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