Happy Faith Based Organization

Organization Description: 

. I, Brown CCM Munthali,
is the founder of this organization. It is an `International charitable Organization` which is
formed to look into serious problems people are facing, within the community, our country and
world. There are a lot of people who are suffering from HIV- Aids, orphans, widows/ widowers, the
disabled, the deaf etc. All these need to be assisted spiritually, financially as well as materially.
So we target these people to help them but if you also have help and you are willing to help you may contact us on the above address

PO Box 1297,
Mzuzu, 00265
Mission Statement: 

-Equip the victims from different walks of life with the knowledge of the word of God.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

To work hand in hand with the community against the stigma the less privileged might be going through,ie orphans,disabled, Elderly, HIV-Aids victims, etc.

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Are more than one-third of the participants in your organization/programs low income (below 150% of the poverty level)?: 
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