Hard Hats for Christ

Organization Description: 

To date CWCf has sent over 400 volunteer work teams to various parts of the United States and twenty foreign countries. All projects taken on by CWCf are for established mission groups, churches, camps or schools, or other non-profit organizations that have evangelism and Christian growth as their main goal.

(John 17:20-23..."that the world may know"...) Many times the gospel is initially shared in everyday, on-the-job conversation (being sure work is not stopped in the process!) and continued on a one-to-one basis somewhere off the jobsite after hours.

(Eccl. 4:9-10). ?Silent Christians? are located, drawn out of hiding and encouraged to drop their defeated life-style and begin living actively for Christ. Hats, shirts, patches, bumper stickers, and lunch box, thermos and Hard Hat logos aid in making initial contacts. Bible studies at weekly breakfasts, or during the noon break, or in homes, help get the Word into hearts and minds and cause those we are working with to recognize the value of taking Christ to work with them and applying His teaching to their daily lives.

If a missionary or pastor doesn't have to spend his time building or repairing facilities, he can give his time totally to getting the Word out. "We" work so "they" can preach. In this way, many more people come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ! Our philosophy is based on the principles of Acts 6:1-7.

CWCf provides short-term construction and maintenance assist?ance to our client ministries so that they can either expand their ministry or make it more efficient. Our field of ministry is limited to organizations in full agreement with our Statement of Faith (see page 4), and whose need and project has been carefully and prayerfully evaluated by the CWCf staff authorized by our Board of Directors.

CWCf also helps mission groups with emergency repairs, assists churches in setting up teams to service their own missionaries, sends out faith-supported construc?tion missionaries, provides job supervisors for other ministries, and teaches missionaries and nationals construction and maintenance skills.

Organizational Email: 
PO Box 636
Kelso, WA 98626
Mission Statement: 

Jesus Christ commanded his followers to serve Him by reaching others with the Good News of salvation. Construction Workers Christian Fellowship (CWCf) is a faith mission organized to do this within the realm of construction, industrial plants, oil fields, etc. which traditionally have been consid?ered hard to reach for Christ. Our three basic purposes are: (1) to tell construction men and women about the saving power of Jesus Christ, (2) to encourage and provide the means for construction workers to have fellowship and Bible studies with the aim of strengthening their faith, and (3) to assist churches, camps, and missions in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through specialized construction and maintenance help, in the United States and abroad.

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