Harvests of Friends and Compassion in Rwanda

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The non governmental and non profit Organization called: "Harvests of Friends and Compassion in Rwanda" is interesting and working in the projects and programs of: A. Compassion, Child Development, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural, Livestock, Community Development, Health, HIV/AIDS, Women Empowerment, Women’s Gender, Aware child abuse, Human Rights, and Education. B. We have Programs of Compassion for Orphans, Street children, Disabled children, widows, and Children from poor families. C. We have the Programs of Building Hope, Peace, and Unity, Counsel, Awareness of Child abuse, Make Research, Environment and Animal. OBJECTIVES OF HFCR: The organization is interesting in (OBJECTIVES): -To work for the development and the wellbeing and have compassion for those need help. -Education for all level. -Health cares and providing medical instruments and medicine. -Agriculture and livestock. -Assistance on them in counseling, Health cares. -Make conferences and seminars about Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Reconciliation. -Teaching on Forgiveness and love. -Assistance to orphans and widows -Social development of children. -To provide scholarship to students. -Social assistance to HIV/AIDS for all Levels and fighting against HIV/AIDS. We also make different to vulnerable children and poor communities. We are interesting in transformation life of Orphans, street child, disabled child and the children who are from poor families and to see life change of widows. We love and interesting in working in the area of health promotion, rural child education and abandoned children and Women’s empowerment, poor community in region and people with disabilities, all who are young and adults people. Aware of child abuse. And Build hope for those who are hopeless. The HFCR also is An educational Charity that works to empower young people to inform themselves and take action. One of our works is to empower young people. To build young people’s confidence and self-esteem by expanding the number of opportunities available to them to contribute in the country and global debate and action on critical world challenges. Harvests of Friends and Compassion encourages young people to learn about, then take action on, issues related to peace and conflict resolution, human rights, and sustainable development. The Founder of HFCR, is Jean Claude Maniragaba. He is currently "The President and Legal Representative" by laws of "Harvests of Friends and Compassion in Rwanda". He is a graduate from Westminster Theological College and Seminary (WTCS). His passion is to help the hopeless person and make them have self sustainability for his/her future. His heart is full of Compassion. He is a kind and faithful Man. He likes, and serves everyone. Thank you very much.

District: Nyagatare
Nyagatare, 84 Nyagatare
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