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WHO WE ARE Tommy Waller first traveled to Israel in 2004 with the sole mission of discovering an avenue of service to the Jewish people. He found it in Israel?s Shomron region - in agriculture. Immediately, Tommy and his family began yearly trips to Israel to assist the independent Jewish farmers with their grape harvest. Subsequent harvests attracted more family and friends until in 2007 HaYovel Inc., a 501(c)3 humanitarian organization, was formed. Today, we bring hundreds of volunteers each year from around the world into Judea and Samaria to help plant, prune, and harvest wine grapes, olives, and pomegranates. Our volunteers come with one agenda: to serve and support the Jewish people for who they are, in their God-given land. HaYovel is the first organization to be issued volunteer visas for work in Judea and Samaria by Israel?s Ministry of Interior. Our staff and volunteers have dedicated their lives to the vision of the restoration of Israel.

WHAT WE DO 1) Serve and bless the Jewish People; 2) Bring people from all over the world to participate in the prophetic restoration on the mountains of Israel; 3) Raise up ambassadors who are equipped to actively and effectively educate others.

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Greenville, MO 63944
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To strengthen and undergird the often overlooked small independent farmer in Israel through creative networking, education, tourism, and activism.

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