Heal the World, Inc.

Organization Description: 

Heal the World, Inc. is a young non-profit with a large vision. Our projects are currently focused in Education, in Interior West Africa.

PO Box 4050
Irvine, CA 92612
Mission Statement: 

Heal the World, Inc. (HtW) is a non-denominational Christian humanitarian organization committed globally to helping those in disadvantaged situations by providing the necessary tools to further their own development.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

There is only one God in all of time or space that has ever existed or ever will exist. God is the only being in the universe that was not created. All matter and other beings in the universe were created by God. God is different and separate in both his essence and substance from that of the universe or the created beings within it.

God is a personal being, but one whose very manner of existence is vastly different from created beings such as angels or humans. Therefore, certain aspects of God will be eternally incomprehensible to our finite human minds.

All humans fall short of what God created us for. For those who desire to be reconciled to God and enter into an eternal personal relationship with Him, something must rectify this discrepancy. As recorded in the Bible, which was both inspired and accurately preserved through the centuries because of God?s sovereign will, Jesus the Christ was the solution used by God to redeem us back to Him.

As clearly explained in the Bible, those who put all their faith solely in Jesus shall have new life and live eternally with Him in heaven. And by living according to His teachings, we can demonstrate to the world that we truly believe.

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