Healing Wings

Organization Description: 

Two living examples of the liberated life, Pastor Acacio and his wife Ruth Valadas Vieira felt lead years ago to embrace broken-hearted people by establishing a facility which enables the process of healing and wholeness based on the Bible and principles that guided their journey to well- being.

Their Vision has materialized as a functioning Centre called Healing Wings where young men and women turning to substance abuse are granted the opportunity to turn away and develop normal responsible life skills. Rich healing is considered achieved when a person is equipped to live life practically, restored in body, soul and spirit.

Most come to Healing Wings shattered, lost in rebellion and the stronghold of addiction. The individual is given the opportunity to transform his/her lifestyle habits and destructive thought patterns.

Family-like, Healing Wings is really more a surrogate home than an institution and Acacio and Ruth have found this to better meet the needs of a generation marked by broken homes and relationships. Originally accommodated in their home, the patients soon outgrew the rooms and the need for expansion was imminent. Although much growth has since taken place, shared meals, holidays, trips to the beach, informal sports days and dips in the Maputo river are still significant parts of Healing Wings life and the intimacy of household proximity is comforting and nourishing.

The unhurried process of discovery, finding identity through the Lord, encouraging talents, and enhancing practical skills form the backbone of a purposeful life. Incorporated into the programme are a balance of meetings, groups, talks, individual counselling, confidence-building, practical tasks and challenges as well as studies and schooling - which is encouraged and facilitated at a stable stage of recovery.

The Healing Wings community is multi-national and beautifully diverse, which is a strong aid in identifying and developing individuality as well as healthy social skills.

Registered under the Health and Welfare Department of Mozambique, the Centre aims continually to attract national addicts and also to build up and enhance the lives of the communities surrounding the farm.

A symbiotic relationship exists between intakes and the community, enabling both parties to benefit in all areas of their lives. At Healing Wings the glory is given to the Lord from whom the gift of life is given, with the knowledge that the ability to live it is in Him.

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Healing Wings, Private Bag X11340, Suite # 426
Nelspruit, 1200
Mission Statement: 

Healing Wings Ministry is a Christian drug rehabilitation facility located on a 300-hectare farm approximately 50 kilometres south of Maputo in Southern Mozambique, near a village called Bela Vista.

Aims & Objectives

• To help heal and educate substance abusers who willingly commit and submit themselves to recovery.
• To disciple participants with a view to developing and maintaining a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.
• Teaching and developing life skills, discipline and routine, by involving participants in a housing routine and everyday work situations.
• To encourage and develop peoples’ gifting and talents in preparing them to re-enter society and the open job market. We also seek to assist in placing individuals into a suitable working environment.
• To help and uplift the local community through teaching skills and developing self-help projects.
• To encourage the salvation of Jesus Christ to the lives of all participating in the programme.
• To encourage and assist individuals in developing their relationship with God, themselves and others in the community.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Malachi 4:2
"But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings."

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