Heart Ministries

Organization Description: 

At Hope Farm we have a family environment where vulnerable children are cared for in our home, and volunteers accomodated in a cottage where they can participate in the running of the home and farm, as well as work at Thembisa.
At Thembisa we provide for the physical and spiritual needs of 90 caregivers with 350 children (many orphaned) who live in Embo Township. We distribute food, clothing, build houses, hold prayer meetings and Bible studies, deal with health issues and more. We have been working in the community for 10 years.

+2731 782 3899
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25 Marion Road
Durban, 3610
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

At Hope Farm we seek to provide a safe environment where vulnerable children can be cared for, and where volunteers can be discipled.
At Thembisa we seek to minimize the devastating psychological and physical effects of HIV/Aids on the children of Embo by empowering the community to care for them. We will uplift the community by providing access to a Centre that will address all aspects of daily life and provide support in all areas. We envisage ourselves as a channel to allow funding and support services to reach the community and benefit those whom it was intended to help. We seek to provide the means for a community to ensure the generation of children affected by the loss of their parents will still have the love and moral guidance necessary to prosper in the future.

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