Heirloom Creations

Organization Description: 

My sister and I sew such things as aprons, children's clothes, nightgowns, bags, sachets, hats, pillows, curtains, etc. using pieces of heirloom embroidered linens. We also use men's neckties to create bags, belts, hats. and other items. We sell these in home "boutiques" and at craft fairs. We call our organization "Heirloom Creations". We were inspired by our immigrant grandmother who created many beautiful linens with her handwork.

5815 Wyatt Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45213
Mission Statement: 

All of the profits from the sale of Heirloom Creations are given to an HIV-AIDS Hospice in Kabwe, Zambia and to Cooperative for Education in Guatemala and local US social justice projects.

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