Helping Hands Ministry, Inc.

Organization Description: 

We are Advocates for the Elderly and provide free Social Services such as:

Consultant, Information, In-Services, Pastoral Care, Referrals, Programs (Computer, Holiday Gift Bags, Thanksgiving Give-aways, Adopt an Elder, Sponsor an Elder, Coat Give-aways, Bus Trips, Caregivers Luncheon and Annual Honoree Dinner.

Organizational Email:
5926 Webster Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Mission Statement: 

Our primary commission is to serve all Elderly communities. To serve those unable to perform some of the self-care tasks necessary for daily living or able to perform minimal self-care tasks that desire to stay at home. However, we do not neglect person under age 60 with a physician's diagnosis of chronic dementia or other illnesses. Our Social Service Center is a virtual link to the communities that are not aware of the services that we provide. We promote advocacy on behalf of Elders to ensure that they are receiving benefits which they are entitle and to eliminate abuse, scams and identity theft.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We serve all Elderly persons with genuine love, dignity and support that they will receive holistic care.

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