Hennepin County

Organization Description: 

Human Services and Public Health Department (HSPHD)

The work of our Department tends to fall into three major areas:

1. Increasing safety and stability of individuals and families through services such as child and adult protection, providing temporary emergency shelter, and more.

2. Promoting self-reliance and a livable income through a mixture of federal and state programs, such as SNAP (food support), Child Support, Veterans' Service, cash assistance programs and more.

3. Improving the health of the community through public health care programs, restaurant inspections, regulating emergency medical services, providing crisis response to behavioral health emergencies, immunization services, a public health clinic, and more.

1800 Chicago Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Mission Statement: 

Hennepin County, MN Human Services and Public Health Department Volunteer and Community Partnership Program Mission Statement

To improve the lives of Hennepin Countys citizens by engaging volunteer, donors, and community resources to meet the identified and emerging needs of Hennepin County, HSPHD, and our communities.

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