Hennepin County- Human Services & Public Health Department

Organization Description: 

Hennepin County Human Service & Public Health Department

Our vision: Better Lives, Stronger Communities Our mission: We work to increase safety and stability of people, promote self-reliance and a livable income, and improve the health of the community.

Human Services delivers a variety of services to individuals or families that assist with basic needs or encourage client change around specific objectives. Our work includes: social programs (safety net services such as food support, emergency shelter and cash assistance); help for people who are developmentally disabled; services for seniors; services for veterans; behavioral and chemical health services; protective services for children and adults; child support; and health care through Medical Assistance.

We work with individuals as well as systems and communities in order to develop policy and advocate for the people we serve. The people we serve and our communities are connected. By helping one, we help the other.

300 South Sixth Street - MC 233
Minneapolis, 55487
Mission Statement: 

The mission is to place volunteers to help Hennepin County's Human Service & Public Health Department achieve their desired results. We also invest in improving the lives of Hennepin Countys citizens by engaging volunteers, donors, and community resources to meet the identified and emerging needs of Hennepin County, HSPHD, and our communities.

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