The Henry W. Bull Foundation

Primary Contact: 
Janice Gibbons, V.P. and Sr. Trust Off.
P.O. Box 2340
Santa Barbara, CA 93120-2340
Areas of Interest: 
Areas of Interest Description: 

The Henry W. Bull Foundation is interested in organizations and programs focusing on the performing arts, education, people with disabilities and health care.

Geographic Focus: 
Geographic Focus Limitations: 

The Henry W. Bull Foundation has no geographic limitations, as they give nationally to organizations.

Total Annual Giving: 


Average Grant Range: 


Average Number of Requests & Grants Per Year: 


Application Procedures: 

The Henry W. Bull Foundation does not require an application form. However, they do ask that you send a copy of your program's proposal by either April 1 or September 1 to qualify.


Funding Limitations Description: 

The Henry W. Bull Foundation has no funding limitations, except that they do not give grants to individuals or private foundations.

Selected Grants: 

$10,000 to the Santa Barbara Youth Foundation, $5,000 to the Foundation for Mentally Fragile Children, Inc., $30,000 to the Academy of Dance and Film, $2,000 to the Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

City/Metropolitan Area: 
Annual Giving: