Hillingdon Street Angels

Organization Description: 

Primarily, the role of Hillingdon Street Angels is to care, listen to and help people who are out late initially in the centre of Uxbridge.

Hillingdon Street Angels exists because people matter and deserve care and love in their time of need. The needs of people out late may be as a result of all kinds of different factors, such as homelessness, intoxication, drug abuse, assault or any other issue which has caused personal distress. Street Angels seek to be non-judgemental, helping people whoever they are and whatever their situation, for example by listening, caring, offering practical help or by referring people to other specialist agencies who can help them.

St Margarets Church
Uxbridge, MI UB8 1AB
Mission Statement: 

Answering God's calling to churches in the Uxbridge area to work together in sharing His love with people out late in the evenings.

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