Organization Description: 

HILLS-Liberia is the rebirth of RRCL founded in 1998 with the sole aims of improving the living condition of the people of Liberia.

This name was changed and granted an article in June 2005 as Help & Improve Liberian Living Standards (HILLS). Since our structure, we have voluntarily worked with in and out of the Country both at the Buduburam Refugee’s Camp, Ghana and in Liberia.

HILLS-Liberia is a nongovernmental, not for profit, and non political organization working in rural Liberia.

The formation of the organization arises through the program Director, who envisionate the dream. She actually felt the need for Liberians or non Liberians to advocate peace as the nation belong to all as we all enjoy the natural creation of God despite of diverse background or Cultural related issues.

The dream was not kept as a personal property but disclosed to many Liberians who bought the necessities of the idea as the civil war in Liberia was greatly determine by hates, poverty, high illiteracy rate and lack of love.

Robert Street,Buchanan
Buchanan, LA 1000
Mission Statement: 

We work to institute voluntary activities and provide sanity for rural people.

Our committed Board head by David R. Blaye Sr., who is committed to supporting us morally in our undertakings and our ever ready volunteers standing by to assist the communitiesÂ’ members.

Our offices are located in Buchanan, Robert Street, Grand Bassa County before the Liberia Red Cross Office.

Offices'day : MONDAYS-FRIDAY

HOURS : 10:00AM- 16:00HRS

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