Holy Cross Social Service Society

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Holy Cross Social Service Society is a registered Non Governmental Organization in Development action. It is registered under Societies Registration Act in 1995 (No. 188/1995). It is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under FCRA. It is further registered under 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act and with commissioner of PF. Its PAN is AAATH 3965 M. Holy Cross Social Service Society also submits required returns to all the departments within time. Thus it fulfils all the legal requirements as per the laws of the land.

Holy Cross Social Service Society is a mass initiative totally devoted towards the integrated development of primitive tribal groups of SAVARA and EBC’s in the remote villages of Srikakulam district, which is coastal river bank of VAMSADARA where there was people are under much difficulty circumstances. These people have no other means of earning to maintain their except by their daily labour in daily wages process. And these people are facing many problems as and when there is no work then no food for them. Due to the above drastic situation, most of them are migrating to various places so far from here to get livelihood. The majority of people are still remaining poor and dwelling in acute poverty. The opportunities or programs meant for poor have not been reaching the real beneficiaries.

In this context, some of social development activists has come forward to commit themselves for the development of the poor people, as with their own participation, that was the main reason, HOLY CROSS SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY (HCSSS) comes into existence. It is now fully committed towards the sustainable development of the Adivasis with special emphasis on Women. During this period, the organization has expended its development activities to other state of Orissa thereby acquiring the status of a prominent NGO.

Holy Cross Social Service Society has an active Board, as all the members are interested in development work and participate actively in the management of Holy Cross. Holy Cross is maintaining high transparency standards and disclosures.

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Akulatamapara Colony
Srikakulam, 532459
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