Home Bible Studies

Organization Description: 

Teaching how to be saved according to the Word of God.

Organizational Email: 
1888 Byrdville-Freeman Rd.
Delco, NC 28436
Mission Statement: 

To teach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in homes and anywhere anyone is willing to listen. Evangelism begins at home. We are looking for volunteers who "Love God and are called according to His purpose". We have a free 4-Cd teaching lesson called "Rightly Dividing the Word" which shows that the Bible never contradicts itself, and how to be saved. A new christian can simply play these cds in someone's home and/or make copies to handout. Additional training and teaching is available if one so desires. This bible study has been used in the US, China, India, Iraq, and South America.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The Holy Bible is the true Word of God.

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