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Most orphan children are convinced no-one loves them and find it almost impossible to believe that God loves them. In their way of thinking, if God really loved them, they wouldn't be orphans.

Christian families who adopt are the missionaries best qualified to bring God's love to orphan children in the form they can understand and accept - "The gospel of Adoption." (Gal 4:4-5 and John 1:12)

Adoption is the best and often the only way to reach orphan children with the gospel. Countless thousands of Christian families have already answered God's call to adopt, but they cannot afford the cost.

We help families raise funds for adoption, and plant "Adoption Ministries" in churches (world wide) which focus on teaching local congregations to view adopting families (in their own congregations) as missionaries, and to send (Rom 10:15) and support (Matt 10:10) those familes just as the church sends and supports any other evangelists.

We are calling for a paradigm shift from orphan sponsorship to adoption sponsorship, from institutional care to the care and nurture of a loving Christian family.

Not all are called to adopt, but anyone can love and minister to orphans in a practical and meaningful way by helping other families adopt.

Instead of sponsoring a child to keep them in an orphanage, why not sponsor their adoption so they can grow up in a loving Christian family?

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697 E. Intervale Rd.
Grants Pass, OR 97527
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To ensure that more orphan children are adopted (by Christian families)

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To be updated first week of January 2007

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