hope after conflict (HOPACON)

Organization Description: 

Hope after conflict (HOPACON) - is a Christian based charity organization established specifically to cater for isolated/undermined minority group of any kind, communities affected by conflict or conflicts and victims of HIV/AIDS. HOPACON was founded upon a fundamental goal to advance the cause of peace through investing hope in the lines of those caught upon in the horrors of war, HIV/AIDS and in any isolation of any sort. The organization is working to establish, develop and maintain a forum aimed at addressing the needs of war affected communities particularly the children, youth and the women and those in isolation of any kind and victims of HIV/AIDS. The organization was formed to promote the concept of community development. It was established as a response to the instability following the unrest in Kony ? Northern Uganda war, which caused the loss of lives of thousands of civilians and other effects of the conflict. The unrest also caused many people to flee their homes and many become refugee in countries like Sudan, DR. Congo, Rwanda and Kenya. It then became necessary to establish a strong organization in order to mitigate the constant challenges facing those in the poorest parts of the community.

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Mission Statement: 

To put in place programs that help both the isolated/undermined minority groups of people of any sort and victims of conflict to attain the best possible life possible including recovery of hope, respect, love, economic life, natural life, as well as recovery from isolation, war time trauma, plus creation of equal opportunity for all.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Jesus called us together and gave us authority to heal every disease and every sickness and we do exercise this through God?s commandment of loving one another by sharing the pain and happiness with those who are isolated/undermined in any way, victims of HIV/AIDS and the war affected people most especially the children, youth and the women.
If you read Philippians 2:26-30; ?He is anxious to see you all and is very upset because you had heard that he was ill. Indeed he was ill and almost died. But God had pity on him, and only on him but on me, too and spared me on even greater sorrow.
Iam all the more eager, then to send him to you, so that you will be glad again when you see him and my own sorrow will disappear.
Respect him, then, with joy, as a brother in the lord. Show respect to all such people as he, because he risked his life and nearly died for the sake of the help that you yourselves could not give.?

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