Hope Church South Bay

Organization Description: 

The Neighborhood Approach

San Diego is home to over 1.5 million people who live in neighborhoods such as Paradise Hills, North Park, City Heights, and surrounding communities like La Mesa and San Carlos. These communities reflect the rich diversity of San Diego and each person takes great pride in their neighborhood.

One size fits all is great for socks, not so great for church. Therefore, we have taken a neighborhood approach to church, establishing churches in individual neighborhoods throughout San Diego. Our neighborhood approach helps us become more involved in the life of each community, multiplying resources and opportunities to serve, while maintaining the neighborhood feel.

Each Hope Church campus is connected to all the other campuses through vision, values, and approach to ministry. But just as each neighborhood is unique, so is each campus. Every location has its own individual style, Preaching/Campus Pastor, localized ministries, and the common goal to see churches started in every neighborhood of San Diego.

We invite you to visit a Hope Church campus this weekend.

About South Bay

The South Bay Campus is located in the San Diego neighborhood of Paradise Hills. It is our original campus and has been a fixture in this area for 30 years. A diverse group of people of all ages and ethnicities attend South Bay. Here you will find Life Groups, an active Youth Group, a Creative Arts ministry, and a Childrens ministry that also meets midweek. The music is upbeat, the messages are practical, and the people real.

6090 Banbury St
San Diego, CA 92139
Mission Statement: 

We exist to lead people in to a life-changing relationship with Jesus

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Hope Church Core Values:


Christ- Centered. Jesus is our hope and cause.

Unity in diversity. One church that is multi-ethnic and multi-site.


Gospel Focus. Gods Word is the basis for who we are.

A simple approach. Transformation happens in communities.

Expect more from God. We believe that we can do anything with God.


Generosity changes people. It is a privilege to serve our world.

Serving the world. Accomplishing Gods mission through our time, resources and action.

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