Hope Gospel Mission

Organization Description: 

HGM was founded in December of 1998 under the direction of founder and current board president Mark Donnelly. At that time Mark had become quite concerned about the growing, but ?invisible,? population of homeless men and women in the Eau Claire area. It was apparent that there was a great need to serve these lost ones with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Organizational Email: 
PO Box 1127
Eau Claire, WI 54720
Mission Statement: 

Our purpose is to help the poor and homeless by showing them the love of Christ through:

Meeting their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, medical, dental, jobs, etc.)
Requiring them to work and pay their own way while at the mission.
Providing them a sanctified and orderly place for them to stay while at the mission.
Making available to them the necessary life skills and training to successfully live on their own.
Sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ* and encouraging those who want to change by using Biblical principles.
Not enabling them to stay poor by making them dependent on us.
Not taking any government funding.
*We are not a church or a para-church organization. Therefore, the local church will perform this function.

Our Vision is to help the poor and the homeless with the necessary support and resources whereby if willing, they can become productive members of society.

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