Hope for Miami

Organization Description: 

Our Vision - Healthy, Flourishing South Florida Communities ~ Shalom: The Way Things Ought to Be

Scripture teaches that when God created the heavens and the earth, He wove it all together like threads into a beautiful garment each one passing over, under and around countless other "threads" to form a complementary, interdependent and useful whole.

This webbing together of God and man with all creation to create universal flourishing and wholeness is what the Hebrew prophets call "shalom".

A Community Reflecting Shalom: All of us have been entrusted with various levels of status, influence, money and resources. Think of them as "threads" if you will.

Now, picture a city in which everyone was committed to taking whatever "threads" they have and with them reach into places in our city where the fabric of shalom is weak and has fallen apart in order to re-weave the fabric of community into a healthy, vibrant whole.

Our Approach Foundational to Hope for Miamis approach to community engagement is the belief that the well-being of our neighborhoods is best served when all the resources God has provided us with are applied to the many challenges around us. Its a principle that works within the context of solid relationships built on trust, integrity, openness and cooperation.

Hope for Miami is dedicated to strengthening families and organizations and working with others to develop true community and genuine wholeness in our midst.

Our Strategy - We accomplish our tasks through networking, information and resource sharing, direct services, workshops/seminars, capacity building, consulting & referrals, encouraging collaborations and helping provide a positive voice for the faith community. To better achieve each of these strategies, we encourage faith groups to work alongside local agencies and community groups when possible.

5911 W Flagler St
Miami, FL 33144
Mission Statement: 

Hope for Miami nurtures children and youth through effective programs that help them build positive, healthy futures. We also seek to strengthen organizations by connecting them to helpful information, resources, training and relationships so that our communities flourish.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We subscribe to the Lausanne Covenant


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