Hope Mission Centre

Organization Description: 

This is a christian volunteer placement organization which places volunteers to schools ,churches,micro-finance and health .

Nairobi, 0020
Mission Statement: 

To receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ by joining with global partners to work for justice, reconciliation , peace, and human improvement in Kenya

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

I believe God is our Father and Creator.God created the earth and the heavens and all the people and animals on the earth.I believe that God watches over us and protects us.

I believe Jesus is the son of God who sacrificed himself for us.God lived life as a human, so he knows what we go through, and he knows what we need and want.God has firsthand experience with us, so he knows through Jesus.Jesus was both God and human, and he has everlasting wisdom and kindness beyond us all.

I believe the Holy Spirit exists among us, and that the Holy Spirit is there even when we cannot see God.

I believe the Bible is the evidence of Gods existence.

I believe the Church is the house to worship God.It is a sanctuary of forgiveness.Church is a place to spend time with others not just God, but other people.

I believe I am one of Gods creatures, and that I am watched over by God.I would like to become a member of the church and be among those who worship God.

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