Organization Description: 

The aim of the organization shall be promotion of vulnerable girls? education, improved Health, spiritual nurture, psychosocial support and family empowerment for a better sustainable future.

The specific objectives of the Organization are: a) Education To Increase opportunity for the vulnerable girls to access education and acquire a skill for self-sustainability. b) Health To improve Health through promotion of proper sanitation and hygiene practices and increase the knowledge of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable girls, their families and community thereby enabling them make informed and healthy life choices as well as receiving appropriate care. c) Psychosocial support To improve on the psychosocial wellbeing and empower vulnerable girls with other life skills that will boost their self-esteem and self-worth as well as enabling them to make sound decisions. d) Spiritual nurture To enable vulnerable girls acquire the knowledge of God and bring to them the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as giving them an opportunity to respond to it and become effective disciples. e) Family Empowerment To empower families / care takers with livelihood and positive parenting skills enabling them improve standards of living and provide a loving and supportive home environment for the children.

Wakiso, 7270
Mission Statement: 

Hope Springs Haven (HSH) exists to holistically equip orphans and other vulnerable children, particularly girls, enabling them to reach their full potential, live sustainable lives and become change agents in their communities. Hope Springs Haven works in partnership with other international and local organizations, community leaders, churches and other volunteers in promoting girls? education, health, psychosocial support, life skills empowerment as well as spiritual nourishment. HSH seeks to find longer-term solutions to child vulnerability by empowering children, their families and caregivers for a better livelihood and sustainable future.

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