The Hope of Survivors

Organization Description: 

The Hope of Survivor's purpose is to provide hope and healing in Christ through encouragement, Biblical counseling, support, referral, assistance, educational programs and information to victims of pastoral sexual abuse and misconduct. The organization, and its Officers, Directors, Volunteers and Employees, use the Bible as the standard of their beliefs and philosophies in all areas. The ministry seeks to:

(a) Educate the victims, the clergy, the church body and the general public about pastoral sexual abuse and misconduct, the frequency of occurrences, the moral and social implications involved and the devastating consequences through national media, by disseminating brochures and other related materials, conducting educational and informational seminars, and by maintaining an up-to-date web site;

(b) Conduct retreats and seminars specifically for the victims of pastoral sexual abuse and provide one-on-one counsel and support for the purpose of facilitating their healing and recovery, and helping them to gain a greater understanding of what has happened to them, giving them hope and encouragement, and restoring their faith in their Creator;

(c) Work closely with churches that are dealing with the after-effects of an abuse situation for the purpose of helping them to understand the importance of providing a safe environment for all and for understanding the dynamics of pastoral sexual abuse so that the church and the victim are not further damaged in the after-math;

(d) Provide pastoral training/educational seminars for the purpose of providing prevention information and encouragement, and to work closely with those who have violated their sacred trust and encourage them to make amends to their victims and to receive counseling.

Organizational Email:
P.O. Box 16
Thompsonville, IL 62890
United States
Mission Statement: 

In short, the mission of The Hope of Survivors may be summed up in the motto:

Reaching the HurtingÂ…Ministering to those who have suffered abuse at the hands of clergy.

Calling the FaithfulÂ…Providing resources and support to church leadership to help them remain true to their high calling.

Bridging the GapÂ…Leading the hurting to hope through a healing relationship with Christ.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The Hope of Survivors serves pastoral sexual abuse victims from any denomination.

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