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Dear Sir/Madam,

Praise the Lord.

Greetings from Hope Through Learning Project,India. We write to ask you to support or partnership for our Project work in India. We have been dedicated to this goal since 2002.

The idea behind this project is to share word of Jesus Christ and education to childrens who are not in a condition to go school and to avoid becoming child labors and wasting their lives in worldly things. Our focus is on sharing Word of God to each children & parents to make them grow on Jesus Christ.

We are running our projects in Four different areas namely,

1. Pallamalai. 2. Kallukuzhi 3. Thamaraikulam. 5. Kerala.

We mainly worked on Gypsy and Irular community

Gypsy : Gypsy community,people here use to make such items as broomsticks, iron tools, and needles. They may also repair tool or work with stone. Other Gypsies are Hindus who believe that one does not have to work for a living, but may gain income by "religious begging." They sing songs and wear special make-up while begging in the name of a specific deity. Acrobats, magicians, tricksters, story-tellers, fortune-tellers(Most of they time they use some magic trick for this). While some Gypsies travel throughout the year, others travel only part of the year, returning to their home camps periodically. Some live in houses similar to those of the region, but many use their wagons or bull carts as dwelling places, and some live in mobile homes.

People here belongs to irular community. In the Tamil language, the name Irula means "people of darkness." This could refer to their dark-colored skin or to the fact that all important events traditionally took place in the darkness of night. .Traditionally, the main occupation of the Irulas has been hunting animals, snake and rat catching. They also work as labourers in the fields of the landlords during the sowing and harvesting seasons or in the rice mills.

Some People here use to go for a job of breaking a large rocks into a smaller pieces of stones (something like manual crusher) and these smaller pieces of stones would be used for building foundation.

As the parents use to go out for job to run the family they use to leave the childrens at home itself. Since there is no education to children they will follow their parents work once they grown up. To change their future we stepped in by forming Pre-School, Tuition Centers, Vocational Training and Sunday School programs. We use to conduct sunday services in our pre-school, along with childrens their parents and neighbors also know about Jesus Christ.

I've attached some of the pictures for reference, couldnt send more as there is a limitation in email size. Your partnership/sponsorship will help assure the success of our project

Thank you so much again for your valuable time. Looking forward your reply

Sincerely, Jayasunder.J

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